Coupeville Sunrise Full-frame



Welcome to Dave Sharpe Photography.  Be sure to check out my image galleries, and please leave comments – photographers LOVE comments about their work.  If you see an image you’d like to have in your home, I’d be happy to help you make that happen.

8 Comments on “Home

  1. David,
    Your photos are excellant. I truly enjoyed meeting you and your wife at the Farmer’s Market on Friday and Saturday. I still like that row of houses on the water. First class!! I’m not giving up on buying one. Sincerely, Tom

  2. Beautiful work! FYI, the Inspired Arts Gallery in Freeland will be hosting a reception for 18 year old award winning photographer Lijah Hanley next Wednesday, 4/2, 4-6:30 pm. You might enjoy meeting him and talking shop. Details at

  3. Hey David. Randy from Photo Forte visiting your site. WOW, I’d never run out of cool things to shoot on Whidbey Island! Your subjects are consistently great and technique interesting and evocative. Nice work! Nice site!

  4. Hi David. Randy from Photo Forte visiting your site. I don’t think I’d ever run out of cool subjects if I lived on Whidbey Island. Now I want to visit (our son lives in Seattle, so it’s a possibility someday). Great work, great subjects, nice technique, great site.


  5. Hi David, Constanze from Photo Forte visiting your site too. Enjoy a lot, special your versatility, wonderful. Thank you.

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